Our Research

We are passionate about merging technology with medicine and expediting discovery at the cutting edge of genomic immunology.

Scientist wearing gloves holding a petri dish

Human T cells drive protection from infection, are central actors in cancer immunotherapy, and drive much of the pathology associated with autoimmune disease. Functional genetic studies in human T cells could reveal pathways that control cell function, prioritize targets for drug development, and improve the design of genetically reprogrammed cell-based therapies.

By developing and applying platforms for CRISPR-Cas9 manipulation and screening in primary human T cells, we explore protein-coding and non-coding genetic mechanisms that regulate T cell functions and work toward therapeutic engineering of cells to treat cancer, HIV, primary immune deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases.

Support Marson Lab

Our research is made possible by a combination of grants and philanthropic gifts. If you are excited about the work we are doing and are interested in contributing, please get in touch.

Our People

The Marson lab is a team of highly collaborative students, research technicians, and postdoctoral scientists with expertise across the fields of genomics, immunology, infectious diseases and genome engineering.

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